United States Space Force Hymn, written by Mary Catherine Ott, is a military anthem for the newest branch of the military, the Space Force.

Inspired by President Donald J. Trump's creation of the Space Force in 2019, Mary Catherine Ott penned the lyrics and composed the anthem on Christmas Day, 2019. As a choir director, music educator, and daughter of a U.S. Marine, Mary was intentional about creating an anthem that would be appropriate within a medley of military hymns while also being memorable in theme in its own right. The opening motive of an ascending arpeggiated chord is to give the listener the feeling of ascending into space like a rocket. The verses speak of bravery and courage that is needed to endeavor the feat of space exploration and defence of the U.S. assets in near-earth orbit. The fourth verse was added Christmas Eve, 2020 after the Space Force soldiers chose to call themselves Guardians. Ms. Ott also included references to Star Trek because of the artistic design of the logo that is reminiscent of the fictional "Federation of Planets" logo. She also included the motto of the Space Force, Semper Supra, at that time.

This work, while not the only Space Force anthem, has been received and sung by Space Force Guardians with enthusiasm, and it's sure to be a hit with the other great military anthems of the United States of America.

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